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Thursday, June 7th, 2007
4:30 am
The Philmography!
Well everyone on my LJ probably already knows about this, but in case I haven't given you a link yet I just opened my Phantom of The Opera movie site! Just about every tv and film appearance has been cataloged- check it out:


Its really, really HUGE... But its pretty far from being done.


All the best,
Monday, April 16th, 2007
7:35 am
New section to web site!
Hey there everyone! Missing you all! I just put up a huge section on my site dedicated to all my work besides my Phantom stuff! There's tons of stuff on there, and it will be updated quite a bit more frequently then I update the Phantom sections. (Though updates on that work are planned as well!)


A slight warning, some of this work contains much more adult subject matter then my Phantom drawings, hahah.

Hope you guys enjoy! Would love to know your thoughts.

Thanks everyone!

Take care!

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